Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tuesday, 19/3/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Today class as usually at u 214 and just end qmt test. Today, Miss Zu wants to teach us about how to make the conclusion in essay and she explains how to make a conclusion essay. Miss Zu open a poet jabberwocky then she asked us whether we understand or not about the passage, and we say no because there have an bizarre  word that we do not know the meaning. After she explains a little bit about the story, we can get what the writer want to tell us from that story and we can make a conclusion from that story. Today was an amazing day for us because we have learnt something that useful for us. Thank you.

Friday 15/3/2013

Assalmualaikum to all of you. Today class about how we do argumentative essay. Argumentative  is about agree or disagree on something we want to discuss. it same like our speaking test that we have to agree or disagree about other opinion. after that, Miss Zu also  gives us example on how to do this essay and she also asks us to do it by our own. not like others essay that we did it on group. Miss Zu ask we to write  women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and men are more sensitive argumentative essay. That all for today, thank you.

Wednesday 13/3/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Our class today at cll 2 sl. The class begin with arrangement of our timetable for the speaking test. Miss Zu continue the class with the argumentative writing. We also learn how to find good topic for an argument essay. As you look over a list of topic you should find one that really sparks your interest. While a strong interest in a topic is important, it's not enough to be interested. You have to consider what position you can back up with reasoning and evidence. It's one thing to have a strong belief, but when shaping an argument you'll have to explain why your belief is reasonable and logical. Next step, you should consider both sides of your topic and take a position. This class just for argumentative essay. That all, thank you.

Monday 11/3/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Today class at Dewan Seri Peria. Class begin with give time and date for the group speaking test doing their test. After that Miss Zu also ask group number five did the practice for speaking test. This group make this speaking look easier Everyone play their job well and they also use the transitional words that Miss Zu already provide before this. After they finished their practises, Miss Zu ask all of us do the practise also in our own group. Miss Zu also ask to keep practice before the speaking test.

Wednesday 6/3/2013

Assalamualikum to all of you. Today class at cll 2 sl. However Miss Zu came a bit late today because she had a meeting. Today class Miss Zu explains to us on how to do the speaking test. Miss Zu divides us into group for the becoming speaking test. The first group need to do the example for do the speaking test is my group. Huh, why always me. My group members is  Ana, Bariyah and Asnawi. The title that given to our group is about punctuality among Malaysian. We will give 1 minute to read the question and 5 minutes to write down our points and 20 minutes for discussion. Miss Zu also gives us papers on how to do the speaking test and it like what we can use if we want to interrupt other person about the opinion. After that Miss Zu comments about our group and what we have to do and what not. That all, thank you.

Monday 4/3/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Today class as usual dewan sri peria. In this class Miss Zu ask we to bring laptop to the class. However the bad news is my group need to make a forum. My group member is Sara, Nadiah Salihin. My have one more member but she sick. Topic for our group is reducing plastic bag usage, my self as ex minister of china, nadia as housewife and sara is the host. After that, miss zu gives us a paper per group and explain what we have to do. So we need to do self editing then after that we have to do peer editing but we still not done it yet, we have to correcting our references. That is only our activity for today. 

Wednesday 27/2/2013

Assalamualaikum, today class at cll 2 sl. In this class we were doing forum. The first group is Izany group and they are doing well. This forum continued until 6.00 pm. Thanks god in this class my group do not need to make the forum because we running out of time. So my group need to make form in moday class. That all for today.

Monday 25/2/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Today we bring our laptop to the class because Miss zu want to check our draft essay. We need to change our essay with other group. For my group, we need to change with nina group. We need to commenting other group essay. The bad news is we have replacement class tonight. We will write an essay again.At night class, we are doing problem solution essay. Miss zu said this problem-solution essay is the most easier. Then, we played a game. But this time we need to put in text citation. We can use goggle to find the information. Everyone need to make one paragraph.

Wednesday 20/2/2013

 Assalamualaikum, today our class was at CLL 2 SL. In this class we are going to learn about body paragraph. Miss Zu said after this we will continue do our term paper when she gives back our outline. So that's why she taught about the body paragraph. But for today, Miss Zu only explained for causes and effect first. Causes and effect have five pattern of body paragraph."The body paragraphs are the 'meat' of your work. Each paragraph should be composed of related sentences that make a single point. Together they should develop your controlling idea or thesis and maintain unity by supporting the claim made in your topic sentence. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that provides a supporting idea for the thesis and indicates to the reader what the paragraph will discuss. Miss Zu also taught about the transition signal. After that we are divided into five group. Every group need to watched different video then we need to do causes and effect essay by what we understand from the video. Every person need to do one paragraph.

Monday 18/2/2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you, our class today as usually at dsp. In this class wa learn new topic it is about make a guess about what the writer are trying to tell us. This is for the reading section in final paper. We play a simple game about guessing who are the murderer to Mr Boddy. Miss Zu give us different card to each of us the card. Each person have different card. Miss Zu told us that the card that we are holding are not the murderer, not the weapon and not the murder places. We need to think careful which person are the murder,what are the weapon to killed and where the places. Miss Zu show us 4 name suspect,4 places and 4 weapon in the slide in front. We have to thing carefully what card that we do not have. From this activity I realise that you must focus and do not rush to make conclusion because you have to take time to think carefully because if you give a wrong answer in exam you are going to lose mark.

Wednesday 6/2/2013

Assalamalaikum to all of you. Today our class at cll 2 sl. In this day we are ready to past up the outline to Miss Zu but she told us to make a comment for other outline. Miss Zu told us to change our outline with others group and leave a comment about their outline. Our group make a change with nina group.This activity is really helping us to help each other so that we can get a good mark in outline. We also realise that we still have so adjustment before past up the outline. 

Tuesday 5/2/2013

Today we are going to show the new outline to Miss Zu after we make a correction yesterday. We must show it today because we need to have Miss Zu approval because we need to send this outline before Friday. Miss zu said If you have some problem in quotation and paraphrasing you need to open page 55-56 because it really help to make an outline.Remember Miss Zu will deduct our mark if we  wrong in quotation and paraphrasing. 


Assalamualaikum to all of you.  Today our class at Dewan Seri Peria. Today we have to bring our laptop to class because Miss Zu wants to check our outlining for term paper essay. Miss Zu checks it one by one starting with the Fikri group and their group forget to bring the materials and because of that Fikri have to take their materials at his room.  Miss Zu proceed to check other group and the other is my group. Miss Zu are disappointed whit our group outline. Miss Zu said that our group outline is the worst one. So sad, however our group deserved that because our outline not follow the format for outline.     not accept their outline.Because of Miss Zu comment our outlining one by one, so, I cannot hear what Miss Zu comments about other students outlining. At the same time, I feel nervous because I don’t know whether it is right or wrong. Actually, my group is not finish yet doing the outlining. We just finish until the first part of the body. Although, the situation a bit calm but at the same time, Miss Zu a bit angry because all of us are not paraphrase the sentence that we took  from the materials. Before we end the class, Miss Zu said that she want all of us paraphrase the entire sentence. Bye guys!  


Today our class at cll 2 Seri Laksamana. Today Miss Zu want to check our introduction. The first group Miss Zu going to check Fatin group. However Miss Zu still not approve their introduction. After come to my group, we have present our introduction that we have make and the bad news is our group introduction rejected by Miss Zu. Miss Zu said our group introduction is the still not make paraphrasing and we need to make  paraphrasing to our introduction. After that other group present their introduction and this activities continued until end of class.


Assalammualaikum to all of you. Our activities for today is continue present our thesis statements. Asyraf and Nawi became the first presenter. They present their thesis statement to Miss Zu. However Miss Zu still not satisfies with their thesis statements and they need to do it again and present it in the tomorrow class. Then, Atira and Ana group need to present their thesis statement and Miss Zu also not approved their thesis statement. After that, it is turn the group that choose argumentative essay to present their thesis statement and they make a good thesis statement. That all for today, thank you.


Assalammualaikum today Miss Zu can’t attend to class. So, because of that, we need to make a deal with Miss Zu, we will go to the library for today class. We need to update our blog there using the access centre computer. Miss Zu also asked us to sit together with other group that doing the same type of essay for make thesis statement and help each other. 


Today we need to present our thesis statement.The first group that want to present is Faiz Adha and Fikri. However their thesis statement rejected by Miss Zu and she asked them to do again. The second group is my group. Firstly,we show our introduction continued with the thesis statements. We are lucky because our thesis statement was approved but not the introduction. We need to change it because the introduction is not suitable with the thesis statement said Miss Zu. After that, they call Asyraf to present but asyraf still not finish their thesis statement. Miss Zu was angry with and asked him to complete out job and present on the next class.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Assalammualaikum. Today class at cll 2 (sl), our class start fom 4pm until 6pm. In this class Miss Zu teaching about foreword paragraph. We need to make an hook for introduction essay. There are many type hooks to make the paragraph. The type of hooks is 1. Personal examples,
2. Quotations, 3. Facts or statistics, 4. Rhetorical questions, 5. Current events, 6. Contrast to the thesis statement, 7. Definition, 8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements .
Functions of these hooks are to attract the readers to read our writing and the readers will become more interesting to know about our writing. Miss Zu was told us that she want to check this task on next week. That all for today. Thank you.


Assalammualaikum, i was very tired today. This is because my lecturer gives me a lot of exercise and need to submit it by next week, why can they just give me  exercise in a small amount. Today Miss Zu teach me on how to make a thesis statement, this is quiet difficult. Because I need to summarize all my 3 main  ideas and combine it in a sentence, even though the difficult I facing in making the thesis statement but I granted my lecturer is a kind of person as such the difficult turn to easy because of the lecturer my lecturer teach me slowly 1 by 1  I was a slow learner . his teaching skills resulted me to understand it fully of this topic, by the way regarding the bell 311 I learn in this sem . I found it much difficult than the previous I learn in sem 1 and 2. This is because in sem 1 and sem 2, on making an essay they do not need to be so complex like I do for this sem. That all for today. Thank You.


Assalammualaikum. as usually Monday class always at dsp. I come a little bit late to this class because this class so far from my room. Today class Miss Zu make a new activity, in this class we need to make debate. We divide to four group, so I am in group four with Salihin, Eyka Kardi, Bariah, Syafiqah Azmi, wawa, athira and nina. Our debate title is " Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work. Our debate title same with with group three. So our group need to be an government side and group three be another sides. After end of debate we need to choose who the winner and the best in that group. The best one in my group is athira. I think that all for today. Thanks You.