Sunday, 16 December 2012

My View About Blogging
Today I want to share about my view of blogging. The blog is the best place to express our feeling in a day. We can use this blog to express our feeling like angry,happy,and so on. Blogger also can attract someone to view their blog with beautiful background  and template. We also can share our opinion and suggestion in this blog. Professional blogger also using this blog as a way of politic. However iam still have no idea how to write the blog. This is because I never write an blog before this. This is because writing about our self to public make me uncomfortable, but that just my opinion about blog. When miss zu ask me to create an blog that like disaster come to me. However I need to accept this challenge and create my own blog for the first time in my life, I think this assignment will change my view of blogging to be more positive. Okay I think that all for today. Thank you guy Assalamualaikum

My view about writing blog
First of all, honestly I am want to say that my view about blogging is it will burden my life. I am never know how to write a blog. This is the first time in my life I am need to write about my daily life, but miss zu ask we to create a blog for a reason. I think miss zu ask we to create a blog because she want we make improvement to all their student in English writing. When I write the blog I notice that this blog make an improvement in my writing skill. When I write this blog I will check my spelling that make know what is right and wrong. When write a blog I can improve my self to make an English sentence. However its hard to me write all about my self and publish to all person. Lastly I hope writing a blog will change my life in positive way and make excellent in writing in English. Okay that all thank you to all of you, Assalamialaikum. 

The beautiful date ever, but iam still has a class. Why the government does not make a public holyday in this beautiful date. Never mind class is most important, today our class at cll 2 (sl). This is an computer lab. In this class we need to create our own blog. This is the first time in my life to have my own blog. In this activity we just need create our own blog and follow our friend blog. Miss zu also tell us the seven thing that we need to have in that blog. The first thing is our view in writing blog. Second thing is about our view in blogging. The third thing is the first day in bel 311 class. The forth thing is the second day in bel 311 class. The fifth thing is about the third day in bel 311 class. The six this is about forth day in bel 311 class. The last thing is about another bel 311 classes. Miss zu has notice that I am write the tittle of my blog is “lebam nak buat blog” hahahaha I just kidding to my friend and I am never expect that miss zu wiil know about it. I think that all for today. Assalamualaikum.

The fourth day in this bell 311 class. This day we continued the activity in last week that we need to introduce our partner. The first partner has been picked is Atikah Ahmad and Wassim. The second has been picked is me. Iam so nervous  in that time. Iam start to introduce my friend Eyka Kardi then she introduce about my self. The first person who get the true answer about wrong fact of Eyka Kardi is Muhammad Nursalihin and the lucky guy who get the true answer about my fact is Fikri Ismail. After end of this activity our class continued with “That Shocking” activity in this activity we need to write 4 fact about our self that make our classmate shocking in a piece of paper. After that we need to build an aero plane using that paper, then we need to fly that plane in the classroom. After that we need to take other plane and read in front of classes, we also need to guest who the owner of that paper plane. After that activity our class is dismissed.

This is the third day in bel 311 class.our class star at 4.00pm until 6.00pm at dsp.The activity in this class are to introduce our own pair to the classmate.last week Miss Zu was given a pair to us. Today miss zu  will picked the first pair that she like. The first pair will introduce their partner. the first partner that needs to get in front is Nadiah Salehin and asnawi azali. Thanks goodness iam not been call as the first pair. This activity begin with the first pair will introduce their partner and tell all the 4 fact about our partner and our classmate will guest which the false fact. This activity keep going until the last partner that is Nadiah Zamri and Siti Zubaidah. Allhamdulillah iam not been call in this day. However this activities got their advantages, the advantages of this activities is make we know our classmate very well. Ok that all for today.

Second day in bell class,our class is at u 214.our class start at 4.00pm until 6.00pm.this is time to get sleepy.why bell class always at afternoon?however I need to stay focus in this class.i taough we will learn about the first topics in bell 311,but this class just like an introduction to bell 311.miss zu tell about new format in writing an essay,this is little bit different than before.we need to write an essay in 450 until 700 words.thiss class all about our course information,but my friend izzat have make our class laugh with his frowning face.he look like very confuse and I don’t know why.miss zu just told about course information not the new chapter. I think that is for today.ok thank you.

First day in class, oh disaster.but its ok because i so bored in home and really miss my classmate. Okay bel classes. My first impression is this class going to be bored, can you imagine bel class in afternoon, its so sleepy. this is first time in my life have class in you know how far dsp from my room? It will take 15 minutes from my room to dsp. Then it will make me sweat a lot.this going to burn all my lovely cholesterol. You know how much my father spend their money to get me in this size.First time see miss zu,her face like hot tamper person quite scary.but after she speak,oh I really like this person,she is funny person and i like a lecture like that. I like her style when we all need to make a circle and speak in English and talk about aff suzuki cup.Ok I think that all for today