Sunday, 6 January 2013

Assalamualaikum to all of you. Our class today is at u214. In this class Miss Zu make an explanation about our term paper. Before this class Miss Zu already  told our class to make a topic for our term paper. The material to make this term paper must be come from the five type of sources like from data base, journal, magazine, online, and also book. For this class Miss Zu want to check our topic and decide to approve or reject that topic. The first team that need to show their topic infront of classes in team Sarra and Syafiqah. This group show several different topic in front of classes but still rejected from Miss Zu, so they need to find another topic or make an correction of that topic. After that another team show their topic but still not been accepted from Miss Zu. Miss Zu told our class, that all of the topic is to general and also to common. That is why our topic are rejected, Miss Zu also need our class to make a decicion what type of essay that we will use. My team choose discussion type of essay. However my team still not show our topic until the end of classes. That is for today.

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