Wednesday, 30 January 2013

                Assalammualaikum, as usually our class today at cll 2 Seri Laksamana. In this class we have to continue update our blog. Beside that Miss Zu also ask we to comment at our friend blog. However we need to leave an academic comment not just general comment, but we just need to comment at few blog not all blog. I have comment at  my few friend blog, but I do not know what to comment, so I just comment at fonts that my friend use, the colour of that fonts and all about fonts. When Miss Zu read my comment she that I just comment at the fonts  and she said that I need leave an academic comment not just about fonts. After that, Miss Zu also ask do the online quiz to anyone does not get full marks. So I take this opportunity to make this quiz again and get full marks. I thinks that all for today. Thanks you.

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