Sunday, 16 December 2012

The fourth day in this bell 311 class. This day we continued the activity in last week that we need to introduce our partner. The first partner has been picked is Atikah Ahmad and Wassim. The second has been picked is me. Iam so nervous  in that time. Iam start to introduce my friend Eyka Kardi then she introduce about my self. The first person who get the true answer about wrong fact of Eyka Kardi is Muhammad Nursalihin and the lucky guy who get the true answer about my fact is Fikri Ismail. After end of this activity our class continued with “That Shocking” activity in this activity we need to write 4 fact about our self that make our classmate shocking in a piece of paper. After that we need to build an aero plane using that paper, then we need to fly that plane in the classroom. After that we need to take other plane and read in front of classes, we also need to guest who the owner of that paper plane. After that activity our class is dismissed.

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