Sunday, 16 December 2012

The beautiful date ever, but iam still has a class. Why the government does not make a public holyday in this beautiful date. Never mind class is most important, today our class at cll 2 (sl). This is an computer lab. In this class we need to create our own blog. This is the first time in my life to have my own blog. In this activity we just need create our own blog and follow our friend blog. Miss zu also tell us the seven thing that we need to have in that blog. The first thing is our view in writing blog. Second thing is about our view in blogging. The third thing is the first day in bel 311 class. The forth thing is the second day in bel 311 class. The fifth thing is about the third day in bel 311 class. The six this is about forth day in bel 311 class. The last thing is about another bel 311 classes. Miss zu has notice that I am write the tittle of my blog is “lebam nak buat blog” hahahaha I just kidding to my friend and I am never expect that miss zu wiil know about it. I think that all for today. Assalamualaikum.

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