Sunday, 16 December 2012

This is the third day in bel 311 class.our class star at 4.00pm until 6.00pm at dsp.The activity in this class are to introduce our own pair to the classmate.last week Miss Zu was given a pair to us. Today miss zu  will picked the first pair that she like. The first pair will introduce their partner. the first partner that needs to get in front is Nadiah Salehin and asnawi azali. Thanks goodness iam not been call as the first pair. This activity begin with the first pair will introduce their partner and tell all the 4 fact about our partner and our classmate will guest which the false fact. This activity keep going until the last partner that is Nadiah Zamri and Siti Zubaidah. Allhamdulillah iam not been call in this day. However this activities got their advantages, the advantages of this activities is make we know our classmate very well. Ok that all for today.

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