Sunday, 16 December 2012

First day in class, oh disaster.but its ok because i so bored in home and really miss my classmate. Okay bel classes. My first impression is this class going to be bored, can you imagine bel class in afternoon, its so sleepy. this is first time in my life have class in you know how far dsp from my room? It will take 15 minutes from my room to dsp. Then it will make me sweat a lot.this going to burn all my lovely cholesterol. You know how much my father spend their money to get me in this size.First time see miss zu,her face like hot tamper person quite scary.but after she speak,oh I really like this person,she is funny person and i like a lecture like that. I like her style when we all need to make a circle and speak in English and talk about aff suzuki cup.Ok I think that all for today

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