Sunday, 16 December 2012

My View About Blogging
Today I want to share about my view of blogging. The blog is the best place to express our feeling in a day. We can use this blog to express our feeling like angry,happy,and so on. Blogger also can attract someone to view their blog with beautiful background  and template. We also can share our opinion and suggestion in this blog. Professional blogger also using this blog as a way of politic. However iam still have no idea how to write the blog. This is because I never write an blog before this. This is because writing about our self to public make me uncomfortable, but that just my opinion about blog. When miss zu ask me to create an blog that like disaster come to me. However I need to accept this challenge and create my own blog for the first time in my life, I think this assignment will change my view of blogging to be more positive. Okay I think that all for today. Thank you guy Assalamualaikum

1 comment:

  1. yes , im agree that blooging is dissater, but this is the way we can practise for writing.